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The 1812 Grand Tactical


The 1812 Grand Tactical is organized by the Crown Forces North America, the United States Northwest Army and the 7th U.S. Infantry Consolidated Company. The event is open to all participants who have an interest in the War of 1812 and represent persons of early 19th century North America. While primarily a military event, associated personas, including Native Americans, camp followers and sutlers, are welcome. Membership in a Crown Forces North American, Northwest Army or 7th Infantry Consolidated Company unit is not required for participation.


The 1812 Grand Tactical simulates War of 1812 military life by creating a military atmosphere authentic and rewarding to participants while educational and enriching to the visiting public. It is held at operating historic sites from the period and a large component of the mission of the event is to stimulate interest in the site and provide educational and entertainment oriented demonstrations to site visitors. Tactical demonstrations emphasize events associated with historical occurrences at the host site. The command staff of the Crown Forces, the Northwest Army and the 7th Infantry Consolidated Company serve as coordinators for the efforts of participants and the interests of the host site. They seek to field authentic representations of British and U.S. forces during the War period through the collective efforts all 1812 Grand Tactical participants.  


Each year, the 1812 Grand Tactical is held at a different site in the United States or Canada, alternating between the two countries, to encourage wider particiaption in 1812 living history and highlight the different regions of the War.




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