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The Grand Tactical

A Word from the 2008 Commanders





Chain of Command


At the Grand Tactical, all units will retain their individual command structure and identity except for the purpose on maneuvering on the field during the tactical.  Two and four man units are inappropriate and will be brigaded with other companies of like impressions.  Musicians of the respective armies should contact the drum major for information on the music to be used during the Grand Tactical


Crown Forces Command Structure

Tim Pickles – General
Peter Twist – Brigadier General

Jeff Larock and Larry Lozon – Aides de Camp

Craig Williams – Lieutenant Colonel

Ross Flowers – Drum Major


U.S. Forces Command Structure

Robert Trumbull – Brigade Commander (U.S. Commander on odd-numbered years)

Steve Abolt – American Commander (U.S. Commander on even-numbered years)

Tom King – Assistant Adjutant General

John Oien – Drum Major


Any issues regarding the site should be directed to the site representatives. Any issues regarding company concerns should be addressed first to the individual company commanders.  If the issue cannot be resolved at the company level they should be addressed to the corps or brigade commanders or to the respective army commanders.



Contact Members of the Organizational Committee
If you have questions concerning the event, please contact the commander or their staffs. Their email addresses are listed below. Likewise, if you have ideas or suggestions for future Grand Tactical events, please contact us.
Crown Forces

Timothy Pickles Britcomhmp@aol.com

Peter Twist ptwist@sympatico.ca

Larry Lozon (Secretary) larrylozon@yahoo.ca

Ross Flowers, Drum Major drum1812@sympatico.ca



U.S. Forces
Steve Abolt sacbg7@att.net
David Bennet EBCLEMSON@aol.com
Betsy Bashore (Secretary) bjbashore@buckeye-express.com
John Oien (Drum Major) USMUSICK1812@cs.com

Comments and suggestions for this web site can be directed to Betsy at bjbashore@buckeye-express.com.

The recreated military reenactment units of the Crown Forces of the War of 1812 are listed at: http://1812crownforces.tripod.com
The recreated military reenactment units of the United States Forces of the War of 1812 are listed at: http://usforces1812.tripod.com/
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